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We will help you to create your own personal holiday in Suriname !


Great that you decided to travel to Suriname !! We are specialized in creating your own personalised  trip to Suriname. In this astonishing beautiful country you will certainly enjoy the lovely warmth, culture, nature, hospitable people, great music and tasty food ! 

Your own route, your own pace. No groupe, no programme to stick to.

All you have to do is to reserve part of your holiday in Suriname so when you really enjoy a place you are free to prolong your stay if you wish to. You decide your pace, you decide your route but with the certainty of a few nice nights in Paramaribo or elsewhere (at a B&B or in a hotel) , a reliable contactperson at the spot and a good guide,  and, if you wish, we can arrange a car and the flight for you. You only book a small part of your holiday with us, how big that part is, is up to you to decide !

Choose one of our short trips : blocks of 2 nights. Are you really enjoying your b&b ? Simply add a few nights while you're there  ! 

This way you are in charge of the itenary and your pace of your holiday . When we say travelling we mean freedom, being able to go to or leave a place whenever you !  When you hardly know a coutry, or not at all, it's nice to have a backup person, a local with experience in great advice on "where to go and what to do". It's really nice having someone who looked into your trip before your holiday starts.  Please check our offer , feel free to call or email us to get more information, or look at our pictures to get a good impression. We try to show you a complete image of Suriname, Paramaribo, the place sto stay and the people








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